About us

We Are Snapfreight - "Your Local Direct Delivery Mate"

The idea of Snapfreight was created from the need for local businesses and private residents to be able to provide and freight their products and packages directly, without the use of any third party delivery services, to their customers, family friends and associates. With a simple online ordering platform, all this can be achieved from the comfort of your place of business or home, without ever having to commute to get it done yourself.

Zach and Jess Davidson of Orange, NSW came up with the idea after acknowledging the fact that during these current times, it was essential that all businesses and private residents within the Central West of NSW have access to a pickup service that contributes directly to not only assisting local business but also life convenience for private residents. We service the local region in the form of a door to door quick & direct delivery service. The ability for a business or private residents within the Central West of NSW to provide their products and packages to their customers, friends, family and associates in a safe and efficient manner is paramount in that business succeeding as well as the community staying connected long into the future.

The issue with using other delivery services is that 99% of these services use third parties to transport their products from A to B. There are many hands that come into contact with their products during this transport process which therefore allows for more opportunity of making mistakes, breakages, package losses, the fact that their products may be sitting in a warehouse for days on end and long receipt waiting times before it even arrives to their customer or destination.

Snapfreight offers a service that is sympathetic about local business and private residents staying connected within the local region. As Orange locals, Zach and Jess understand what is needed when it comes to the longevity of local business and regional connectivity moving into the future. A service such as this, has and always will have, the needs of local business and private residents as priority at its core.

Direct delivery

Your parcels do not leave the hands of Snapfreight until they have reached their destination. At Snapfreight our vision with this service is to assist our region and local businesses during these uncertain times and beyond, in a cost effective, fast and efficient manner.

Too often, packages/parcels are lost, damaged and delayed during the transportation process using third party providers. By using Snapfreight as your product and package delivery service provider this gives you piece of mind knowing your parcels to not leave the hands of Snapfreight staff until they’ve reached their final destination.

Business support

A local business that is able to get their products to their customers without the use of any third parties, will ensure that business not only completes the transaction but also creates a trustworthy relationship with their customer, allowing for repeat business going into the future.

A private resident needing to deliver a package from within the Orange shire to a relative or friend within the central west of NSW without having to physically commute to another freight service provider to drop off that package, can confidently and simplistically lodge an online order pickup, pay for the freight online, and our friendly and professional staff will arrive at your location to pick that product up and drop it of at its desired location as fast as you can say SNAP.

Snapfreight has businesses core values at heart and is a service that wants to provide local business and our local region with the support they need moving into the future. We want to help businesses thrive in driving their business forward, as well as assisting private residents continue to feel connected with their friends, family and associates.